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Maths Week Projects

Here are our projects from Maths Week.

Our Number Story



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Maths Week in Senior Infants

Senior Infants were very busy for Maths Week.

They worked on a maths project for their Number Story.

Here they are playing snakes and ladders in class.

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Maths and Art in Senior Infants

Senior Infants are learning their doubles in Maths this week.

We remembered our doubles for the art activity making our ladybirds.

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Maths: Length

We were creating a height chart for our classroom today, so we used some string to measure our partner’s height. We had great fun.

WIN_20150325_114541 WIN_20150325_114528 WIN_20150325_114458

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Maths Games for Homework

Todays homework is Maths Games. The children have dominoes or cards.

Sums to 10 Concentration


Place all the cards face down, pick up one card and then find another card  to add to it to make 10.


To play dominoes, place all dominoes face down. Take turns picking one each. Count all the dots on each domino. The player with the most dots keeps both dominoes. Keep playing until there are no more dominoes.

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