Maths Games

Here are lots of videos and links to  different maths games we play in class.

Sums to 9 Card Game:

Give 9 cards to each play and put the remaining cards in the centre of the table.
Each player checks their cards to see can they make 9.
If they can make 9 put these cards face up. Once everyone is ready players take turns to take one card from the pile and add it to their cards.
Play continues until all cards from the pile are gone.
Winner is the player with the most ways to make 9.

Spill the beans

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MICHELLE - WIN_20160128_144344

Place all the dominoes face down on the table

MICHELLE - WIN_20160128_144400

Choose one each

MICHELLE - WIN_20160128_144408

Whoever has the most dots keeps both dominoes


10 frame Maths Game

Show Me Maths Game

Sound of Number Maths Game

WIN 20140213 115819 from Michelle Mannix on Vimeo.Spill